Changelly Exchange Review

Changelly Exchange Review

Founded 2015, Changelly is an exchange website that utilizes an automatic trading bot. The Changelly bot works on some of the largest trading platforms available. It works by making “bids” and “asks” on these respective exchanges so they can find available rates for a given coin.

Basically, Changelly allows it’s customers to trade cryptocurrency without registering on trading platforms which would otherwise require verification. In this review, we’ll cover how to exchange crypto on Changelly and also how you can buy Bitcoin using a debit/credit card. I will also look at the pros and cons of using this website.

How To Exchange Altcoins On Changelly?

Changelly - Select Your Trading Pairs

  • First of all, users will need to create your account at and log in. Choose the currency you would like to exchange on the left and the currency you would like to buy on the right and click Next – this is known as your trading pair. The above picture using the example of BTC/Dash.

Exchanging On Changelly Crypto-To-Crypto

  • Verify the amounts in the transaction. Make sure you are exchanging the right coin, quantity and how much you will be getting from the transaction.
  • After checking everything is in order, you will need to specify the recipient’s address (your wallet address for the currency you want to buy). If you don’t have a hard wallet – take a look at our reviews of the Trezor, Trezor Model T and Ledger Nano S. Using a hard wallet is much safer than using a web or desktop wallet and makes it easier to access your coins compared to a paper wallet.

Changelly - Destination Wallet

  • Again, remember to double check everything is correct because transactions are not reversible. Also, be aware that due to the turnover time, the amount that you see is just an estimate. You will get slightly more or less based on the exact exchange rate at the time the funds are transferred (in my experience, it does not seem to vary massively).

Changelly - Confirm Transaction Details Are Correct

  • Next, you need to send your trading coins to address Changelly gives you in one transaction (see below). To do this, copy the address or scan the QR-code with your wallet app.

Where To Send Your Funds To - Changelly

  • To track your transaction, all you need to do is go to your “transaction history” and the status can be viewed here. Generally speaking, the transaction will take 5-30 minutes.
  • When a transaction is successful, you’re going to get a receipt and a transaction hash to show the transaction was made.


How To Buy Bitcoin On Changelly Using A Debit/Credit Card?

  • If you are buying crypto with a debit/credit card, then the process is a little different to the one we outlined above.
  • You will need to create an account at
  • Select either USD or EURO in the left side of the box and cryptocurrency you want to buy in the right and then click Next.
  • Verify the amount of the transaction. Make sure you are exchanging the right amount. As with method above, you will need to specify the address you would like your Bitcoins to be sent to.
  • Once you have checked everything, processed to the payment processing. You might be asked to verify your email – pretty painless.
  • You will then move on to Changelly payment provider Simplex. You will need to fill out your card details and personal details. Depending on the amount, you might be asked to provide a photo of yourself holding your card. Don’t worry, as you will need covering the numbers in the middle and only revealing the first 2 and last 2 numbers.

This exchange boasts about static-rate fees and that this is a major benefit of its service. All trades guarantee a 0.5% fee, which is fairly competitive when all said and done. However, cheaper rates are available when working directly on market trading platforms. If you’re making multiple trades to move altcoins, then Changelly may actually become a cheaper option, particularly with smaller amounts.

How Much Bitcoin Can I Buy On Changelly Using My Credit/Debit Card?

USA, Canada, and Australia: For the first transaction, a $50 cap is placed. The next purchase is available after the 4th day and the cap is raised to $100. After a week (7 days) from the first purchase, users can now purchase a maximum of $500 with no more than 3 payments within the first week. After a month of the first transaction, there are no limits on how much you are able to purchase using your credit card.

EU and the rest of the world: $100 cap is placed on the first transaction. The next purchase can be made after four days as the cap is also increased to $200. After seven full days of the first transaction, the cap is raised to $500 with no more than 6 transactions within the first week. There is no limit cap for all transactions made within the first month.

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Georgia: A cap limit of $200 is placed. The next limit cap increase is made 24hrs after the first transaction. The total limit for the first week of the first purchase is raised to $2000 and for the first month, the cap is raised to $10000.

What Are Changelly’s Fees?

Changelly currently charges 0.5% fees for a trade for crypto-to-crypto exchanges – this can be BTC/ETH, BTC/POT etc. However, a customer buys using Fiat – USD or Euro there will also be a 5% charge and a 5% card fee from their payment processor – Simplex. This can work out pretty expensive.

Customers should weigh up the pros and cons of this. On one hand, users won’t need to wait for verification for using Changelly, so if the price of Bitcoin drops by more than 10%, this might be a good option to use.

It is important when using an exchange or broker that you know about network fees and currency fluctuations.

Network fees: These are fixed and taken each time money is sent. his fee is taken when your money is sent into a blockchain. Changelly doesn’t influence or regulates these fees – this is basically the fee you are paying miners (those keeping the Blockchain going to confirm the transaction.

Currency Fluctuations: Every crypto coin rate rises and drops – nothing can go on a bull run forever. The more volatile a crypto is, the more it’ll affect the final rate, especially when you are going to convert a large amount.

What Coins Are Available On Changelly?

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Synereo (AMP)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bytecoin (BCN)
  • Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
  • DigiByte (DGB)
  • GameCredits (GAME)
  • Lisk (LSK)
  • NAV Coin (NAV)
  • Gulden (NLG)
  • Nxt (NXT)
  • PotCoin (POT)
  • Stellar – XLM (STR)
  • Stratis (STRAT)
  • Syscoin (SYS)
  • Waves (WAVES)
  • Verge (XVG)

Summary Of The Pro & Cons Of Changelly


  • Decent range of altcoins.
  • Customers can buy Bitcoin without the tediously long verification process on other websites.
  • Well established.
  • Users can buy Bitcoins using your debit/credit card.
  • Good if you want to act fast and take advantage of a price drop.


  • More favorable trading fees are available on trading platforms.

If you think Changelly is not for you, then check out these other places you can buy Bitcoin which we have reviewed